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Audi Unveils New 2017 R8 Spyder V10

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Tony Stark will need a larger garage, because Audi just released their latest V10 powered R8 Spyder at the New York International Auto Show. We are big fans of the 10-cylinder convertible, as a 2012 example has been the centerpiece of our showroom since new.

Earlier this month we spotted a few topless Huracans at the Amelia Island Concours, and we figured the new R8 convertible would follow close behind. Huracan and R8 are now closer than ever, with both models benefiting from a 50 percent stronger aluminum space frame. The stalwart 5.2L V10 is tuned to 540 hp, which allows 62 mph (100 kph) to arrive in 3.6 seconds.  The powered soft top is also faster, stowing away in under 20 seconds, operating at up to 31 mph. More carbon fiber allows for a dry weight under 3,600 lbs, a featherweight in the AWD convertible marketplace.

Static photo, Colour: Vegas Yellow

Also borrowed from the Huracan is a potent center differential. It is water cooled for longevity and is able to shift 100 percent of the engine’s power front or rear faster than you can blink. So this means you could spend your weekends trying to lose traction, but your efforts will be futile. Another much needed improvement of the Quattro system is a new freewheeling mode. One of the most annoying factors of German dual clutch transmissions is that they remain locked in gear, keeping the engine connected to the wheels while coasting. Allowing the V10 to idle when decelerating or going downhill is just one of the new features aimed at improving fuel economy. The press release states that 20.1 mpg is achievable, but who among is is capable of driving a car of this caliber in an efficient manner?


Styling is a careful evolution of a proven formula, and we will miss the more complex front and rear fascias of the previous generations. It may keep prospective buyers away until they realize that the new R8 Spyder is more than just looks. We can only hope that a certain magazine publisher trades in his old beater for this new supercar.

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