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Audi R8 Star of Lucis for Final Fantasy XV

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The video game series Final Fantasy has been around since 1987, being featured on too many gaming consoles to count. The latest release in the series, Final Fantasy XV, has been hyped up for years now, but is finally being released on November 29 of this year.

To celebrate this game’s launch, Audi has created the R8 Star of Lucis edition. This car actually appeared in the short Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV film, but is now being made in real life.

So, what’s with all the fancy design all over the car? On the car’s minisite, Audi describes the pattern found throughout the car as an “Arabesque pattern,” that is traditional to the fictional Kingdom of Lucis within the game. It stands for peace, blessing and well being. But, what’s even more interesting than the pattern are the insanely detailed wheels, which even feature swords in them. Yeah, swords.


Now, to get into the performance aspect of this car. Of course this special edition R8 is packing the 5.2-liter V10 engine. I mean, this thing has to be fit for a king, right? This means that the R8 Star of Lucis has 540 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque on tap.

Interested in picking up one of these editions? Well, there is only going to be one ever made and it’s selling for 50,000,015 yen or around $470,000 USD. Interested buyers will have to enter a special raffle on November 21.

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