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Audi R8 Almost Crashes at the Ring

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We have told you why you should buy an R8, but here is the best reason yet. The old north circuit of this hallowed track (Nordschleife) has claimed 78 lives and countless cars since 1928, which is why Eifeler888‘s crash footage has such a following. If you are reading this, you probably remember what cars were like without stability control and ABS. Everyone of us has had moments when power overcomes traction and your car takes you on a wild ride. In what has to be the best advertisement for Audi’s quattro system, one brave spectator captured an R8 GT in an unscheduled drift.

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Cornering is fun with all-wheel drive, but toss in an elevation change and the tire’s contact patch to the pavement becomes very small. The 2017 R8 uses the Huracan’s electronic center differential to instantly transfer power front to rear. But the first generation models used a viscous coupling similar to the Diablo VT (Viscous Traction). It relies on clutch plates suspended in thick oil that are activated when the rear tires lose traction. While it might not respond as quickly as the new model, this video is proof that all-wheel Drive can be the difference between a soiled seat and a hospital bill.

Although that noise of the end didn’t sound too good…

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