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Aston Martin Vulcan Arrives In New Zealand

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If you divide the earth along the equator, the southern hemisphere is at a severe disadvantage. Sure they get to enjoy summer weather for the Holidays, but supercars are a rare sight below the Tropic of Cancer. In order to level the balance of British V12 power, Aston Martin saw fit to show off their Vulcan at Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, New Zealand.

In a YouTube video uploaded earlier today, Tony Quinn (founder of VIP pet foods) took delivery of his new Vulcan and hit the track. Wide open throttle is where the Vulcan really comes into its own. The open exhaust is reminiscent of vintage F1 cars, and the beast stays absolutely flat in the corners. Aston Martin rolled out the red carpet by inviting the popular late night host Paul Henry to record the event. Mr. Quinn has numerous racing championships under his belt, so we hope this Vulcan gets to see action on the world stage. For more Aston Martin video stay tuned to Autofluence.

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