Japanese Electric Hypercar Aspark Owl Gets a Big Price Tag

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The Aspark Owl is coming hot out of Japan as an electric hypercar that will run 0 to 62 mph in just 1.9 seconds. Its electric powertrain produces an astonishing 1,150 horsepower. That’s quite the pedigree for new model out of the Osaka-based company.

Now, according to Bloomberg, Aspark is taking pre-orders for the hypercar that’ll require a non-refundable €1 million deposit, which equates to roughly $1.15 million in today’s exchange rate. The entire cost of the car is set at around $3.6 million, but only 50 examples of the Owl will be created. Bloomberg learned this info at the Paris Motor Show, where Aspark is showing off the Owl. They note that the show car was essentially a shell and that the real test car was back in Japan.

It may be a couple of years before the launch of the car, but the Owl’s future is looking pretty bright.

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