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About Paul Walker’s Cars and Richard Taylor

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Back on July 14, we published an article about a lawsuit between Richard Taylor and Paul Walker’s estate that had been settled over Walker’s “stolen” vehicles.

According to Mr. Taylor’s representatives, he was actually a close personal friend of Walker and, at the time of his death, the two were co-owners of an LLC that owned the cars in question. After Walker’s death, Paul’s lawyer requested that the vehicles be moved to a facility in Sun Valley. Although Taylor was not involved in moving the vehicles, storage fees for the vehicles at this facility were being paid by Walker’s estate long before the lawsuit was filed.  This contrasts with previous stories that said the cars were taken without authority and that the whereabouts of the cars was unknown. In fact, the cars are still located in that facility to this day.

Unfortunately, different claims were made to the cars and their titles, between Paul Walker’s daughter and father. These claims between two parties, not including Taylor, lead to the lawsuit. This suit was settled in an amicable matter.