Porsche Opens "70 Years of Porsche Sports Car" Exhibition
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Porsche Opens “70 Years of Porsche Sports Car” Exhibition

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Get ready for an unprecedented Porsche Party. In a press release early this morning, the first details of their 70th anniversary were outlined. Tomorrow will be the opening of the exhibit at “Drive: Volkswagen Group Forum” in Berlin. It will be divided into ten sections devoted to bringing the history of the brand to life.

A look at their highlights includes the people and the cars that embody 70 years of innovation. Guests at the grand opening will include Walter Röhrl and Richy Müller, the actor known for his role as a police inspector in the German crime drama “Tatort”. The first Porsche 356 was certified for production on June 8th, 1948, so car #1 will greet attendees at the entrance. Free to the public, Berliners will be able to walk through racing and engineering highlights that culminate in the one-millionth Porsche 911.

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“Sports Cars Today” showcases the Panamera Turbo S-E Hybrid Sport Turismo as their ultimate achievement to-date. Cars of the future include the Mission E and other concepts. If you are curious why they have such a loyal following, click the link below to find a Porsche 911 near you and stay with us for complete coverage of the festivities.

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