Ferrari is virtually synonymous with the concept of the V12 engine, and that’s a characteristic that is going through a bit of a change in today’s automotive world. As engineering and technology change, and automakers are becoming more environmentally conscious, an unfortunate side-effect of that is that the V12 has become somewhat of a dying breed. Many manufacturers have retired V12s from their line-ups entirely, and a select few are still keeping them alive. The Ferrari Daytona SP3, as a celebration of Ferrari’s long history, is one of the cars that serve this purpose.

An ultra-exclusive special project from Ferrari, the 2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a celebration of Ferrari’s 60s race cars that won at the eponymous Daytona race track, and the Ferrari hypercar’s V12 engine is a celebration of history in itself. The engine is a culmination of Ferrari’s engineering prowess, as with 829 horsepower, it’s the most powerful engine Ferrari has put in a road car. On Top Gear’s YouTube channel, one of only 599 Ferrari Daytona SP3s is driven on a stunning winding road, perfect for seeing what a performance car of its caliber is capable of. In this new video, you’ll get to see exactly what makes this car so special for any car enthusiast or Ferrari fanatic.

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