The chronograph represents the luxury watch industry's tie to the motorsports world, used as an early tool by race car drivers to track lap times. Today, watchmakers continue the legacy of automotive-inspired timepieces with modern renditions celebrated by collectors and enthusiasts. Singer Reimagined is proud to present the Track1 Endurance as its newest limited-edition release. The Track1 Endurance commemorates Singer's involvement as the Official Watch Partner for Hertz Team JOTA, the new Hypercar motor racing team sponsored by Hertz, Singer Group, and Tom Brady’s BRADY brand.

Incorporating the same craftsmanship and quality as their bespoke Porsche 911 restorations, Singer Reimagined styles the 43mm case in titanium with a golden ZrN coating. Designed to mimic the livery of Hertz Team Jota's new Porsche 963 race car, the Track1 Endurance presents a gold, white, and red dial with a checkered flag pattern. Under the sapphire backcase lies Singer Reimagined's in-house 6366 automatic mechanical movement, utilizing an AgenGraphe at the center of the dial. Fit on a Singer signature openwork caoutchouc strap, the Track1 Endurance is limited to only 24 pieces to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.