The Cadillac Escalade is one of the most important members of the luxury SUV pantheon. As one of the most iconic and popular American luxury SUVs, the Escalade has cemented a place in pop culture and the automotive industry as the Stateside representation of SUV luxury, boasting a large footprint, sumptuous appointments, and glitzy design. However, as a manufacturer, the legendary Cadillac is on the cusp of a dramatic change, and ready to start a new chapter in its century-long history. That new chapter is one that involves electric cars, and the introduction of the Lyriq, and now the exclusive and bespoke flagship Celestiq has started the transformation.

Cadillac has announced that the Escalade will be getting an all-electric makeover as well. While it’s a sharp contrast from the performance-oriented and recently-revealed Cadillac Escalade-V, and the first-ever all-electric Escalade, it continues on the path toward electrification for the Escalade that was started by a short-lived hybrid version of the iconic SUV. Named the Escalade IQ, Cadillac is also establishing an “IQ” nomenclature for its electric models, following in the footsteps of the Lyriq and Celestiq, which end in “IQ,” and establishing future naming practices for Cadillac’s electric models. Hopefully more will be announced about pricing, a reveal date, and other details soon.

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