If there is one automotive tradition that I'm always intrigued by, it would have to be the naming convention behind new Lamborghini cars. For decades, the Italian automaker has been creating iconic, high-performance automobiles that come with a name that was inspired by one thing: a bull. 

However, Lamborghini doesn't pick just any bulls for their vehicles' namesakes. Each name comes from a bull that had a reputation that fits the car's "personality." For the Lamborghini Revuelto, they picked quite a bull that had quite a storied past.

The Lamborghini Revuelto was named after a bull that was a true rebel. How does a bull become a rebel? It all happened on August 1, 1880, when Revuelto the bull fought in the Barcelona arena. Instead of staying confined to the arena, the bull escaped and jumped into the alley multiple times. This is why that bull was given the name "Revuelto," which means rebellious or mutinous in nature. 

It should also be noted that the word revuelto has other meanings, like "mixed up." Even still, that description perfectly fits the Revuelto supercar which features a hybrid powertrain comprised of both gasoline and electric power sources. Speaking more specifically, the Lamborghini Reveulto is powered by both a V12 engine and three electric motors. Altogether, the Revuelto supercar can produce an arena-busting 1,001 horsepower. 

There seems to be no shortage of notorious bulls for Lamborghini to choose from, and I'm always excited to learn the history behind the namesake of each model.

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