It was in 1963 when Lamborghini began building its V12-powered performance cars, and the iconic “pure” naturally-aspirated V12 engine was something that stayed a major part of Lamborghini’s DNA for 60 years, with the historic brand only this year introducing the Revuelto, the first Lamborghini flagship supercar with a hybrid V12 powertrain. While it still has the iconic V12 engine, using a hybrid powertrain in a Lamborghini flagship is something that the Revuelto has been responsible for pioneering, and as far as production goes, that’s no simple feat.

Lamborghini shares more in this new video about what it took to produce this incredible 1,001-horsepower supercar. While the car features futuristic technology, Lamborghini’s philosophy means that it’s constructed using traditional methods and a high level of personalization by each owner. In order to accommodate this, Lamborghini introduced what it calls “Manifattura Lamborghini Next Level,” which is a production system that puts people at the center but also uses brand-new technology and processes. This meant expanding the Lamborghini production facility by over 1.85 million square feet, and investing over $160 million. With the first Reveultos set to be delivered towards the end of this year, seeing this investment pay off will come sooner than we realize.

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