Already establishing success as a leading luxury automotive manufacturer, BMW continues to take an innovative approach to concepts driving sustainable mobility. With a current land-driven fleet of sports cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and e-scooters, the brand is now venturing to the open waters for its next collaboration project with design concept specialist Designworks and boat maker TYDE. Officially unveiled at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in the port area of Southern France, BMW and TYDE are proud to present THE ICON as the new flagbearer for sustainable travel on water. THE ICON's 43-foot prizm-like design starts with a very flat hull and stands out with its lightweight origami structure.

Behind the modern styling of angled glass walls reveals a spacious and luxurious lounge area featuring 360-degree rotating chairs, a sofa, soft carpet floors, an overhanging TV, and a tablet-based infotainment system. The command station of THE ICON is located centrally on the deck and separated from the lounge by dual sliding glass doors. While positioned comfortably in an elevated captain's chair, a 32-inch touchscreen 6K display sits front and center with the look of BMW's iDrive control/operation system. Voice commands can request information like range level and weather reports.

THE ICON uses a battery-electric drive system supplied by BMW i and hydrofoils to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots (35mph). Derived from yacht racing, the hydrofoils reduce the energy requirement by up to 80% and provide a comfortable ride at higher speeds. A pair of 100 kW electric motors convert the 240 kWh of energy supplied by six batteries from the BMW i3 into an eye-catching range of more than 50 nautical miles. Achieving its mission of CO2-free water-bound mobility, BMW x TYDE's THE ICON is setting sail in style. View all current BMW models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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