For the racetrack, the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 served as the swan song for the “pure” naturally aspirated V12 engine for the Fighting Bull brand, which is an incredibly important piece of Lamborghini history because the V12 engine has characterized Lamborghini’s flagship models for 60 years, since the beginning of the brand’s history. As the final track-only Lamborghini powered by the pure naturally-aspirated V12, the Essenza SCV12 is an important and celebratory moment, which is why it served as the inspiration for a new limited-edition version of the Urus Performante Super SUV created by Ad Personam.

As Lamborghini’s customization department, Ad Personam had what it took to bring the essence of the Essenza to the Urus Performante. The result features lots of exposed carbon fiber, as well as racing numbers on the side to match Essenza SCV12 liveries. Only 40 of these incredible Super SUVs will be made, each designed to match the configuration and look of the 40 Essenza SCV12 race cars configured by Lamborghini clients to bring the spirit of their historic race car to the road in a more practical but still exhilarating package. With this new celebration of Lamborghini’s V12 engine and motorsport prowess, automotive enthusiasts everywhere are reminded of what makes the Fighting Bull brand so great.

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