The Aston Martin DB11’s successor is set to be fully revealed, and as the newest member of the historic brand’s long and respected DB bloodline, the new successor has very big shoes to fill, whether it’s by delivering incredible performance, showing off timeless style, or featuring sumptuous levels of luxury and elegance. There’s little doubt that what Aston Martin has on the horizon will deliver on all of these fronts. Aston Martin also says that this new DB model will represent the beginning of a new era for Aston Martin, showing off the characteristics of a whole new generation of Aston Martin cars when it comes to performance, luxury, style, and handling.

History is an especially important factor in this upcoming reveal, as 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the DB name within Aston Martin’s lineup, and also an incredible 110 years of the brand itself, which means that the new DB model is coming at a very important time. With a refreshed approach to performance, luxury, style, and dynamics, a new and very different Aston Martin era is coming.

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