The renowned premium audio specialists at Bowers & Wilkins have revolutionized traditional sound in both luxury automobiles and at home. Their cutting-edge technologies and high-end materials result in immersive audio experiences that rival concert hall quality. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its ultra-high-end Nautilus at-home loudspeaker, Bowers & Wilkins is releasing a special edition version that is better described as a work of art. The Nautilus' revolutionary design is inspired by the internal shell of a marine mollusk, featuring a stunning Abalone Pearl finish.

Backed by an eight-year development process, Bowers & Wilkin's most innovative creation uses a tapered tube to loudspeaker design to produce excellent sound quality. Nautilus comes in three standard Bowers & Wilkins colors: Midnight Blue, Black, and Silver. For those looking to take advantage of the brand's bespoke option, customers can request any color through the special service. The all-new Bowers & Wilkins 30th Anniversary Abalone Pearl Nautilus loudspeaker is currently available starting at $70,000 by clicking the link below.

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