While they might have relative unpopularity in the mass market and especially here in the United States, wagons have amassed a passionate cult following among car enthusiasts of people who praise them as the perfect combination of driving dynamics, practicality, performance, and often luxury. Proving their point are cars like the new, first-ever BMW M3 Touring and the Audi RS 4 Avant. They take the incredible performance both brands are known for and wrap it up in a highly practical, luxurious, and good-looking (despite what wagon detractors may say) package.

As it goes with the simple existence of any two cars that are this similar, it begs the question: which one is faster? This drag race has the answer. While both cars feature immensely-powerful 6-cylinder engines and four-wheel drive, the BMW is more powerful and the Audi is lighter. However, the BMW’s higher power won the standing races until 4 passengers weighed it down enough to let the Audi get ahead. While the BMW might be faster in a straight-line shootout, both of these cars are incredible, and unfortunately not available here in the States. When it comes to both of these amazing wagons, Americans will have to admire them from afar, and be grateful that at least we have the Audi RS 6 Avant.

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