As golf starts to gain traction as one of the most popular lifetime sports among millions around the world, luxury lifestyle brands are taking a swing at launching their very own gear collections. Already playing a role on the course with past leather monogram golf bags and accessory releases, Louis Vuitton is excited to unveil the all-new Malle Golf set. Imagined for professional golf players and golf lovers, the Malle Golf perfectly combines the elegance of a historical “Wardrobe” with modernity and playfulness.

Encased in a large trunk styled in Louis Vuitton's iconic brown leather monogram, the set features everything you would need to store clubs while working on your putting game. The Malle Golf pack includes a series of microfiber drawers to stow away golf polos, hats, shoes, and accessories. The entire right side of the case presents dedicated space to keep up to 14 golf clubs, with room for drivers, long irons, wedges, and putters. Additional Louis Vuitton leather monogram club head covers to style your golf set in the most luxurious way possible. A folding LV monogram putting mat rolls out and comes equipped with a flag and 18 golf balls. Saving the astronomical price for willing buyers, Louis Vuitton's all-new Malle Golf set is now available via special inquiries.