Over the years of supercar and hypercar development, certain models have achieved great success, while others have been kept in secrecy since their debut. Those mysterious examples are now being recognized as hidden treasures that define themselves as the ultimate collector's piece. Specializing in sourcing, buying, and selling the rarest and most unique automobiles on the planet, the professionals at Curated pride themselves on offering their clientele magnificent examples of automotive history. Curated is excited to welcome this stunning 1991 Lotec C1000 to its extensive inventory in Miami, Fl. The Lotec C1000 is a legendary one-off supercar that most passionate car enthusiasts may not have heard of until now.

Presenting a cost of $3.6 million in 1991, the astronomical price tag reflects more than $7.72 million in today's value. The project was originally commissioned to be the fastest car on the planet by a member of Dubai's ruling Al Maktoum family. With an entire chassis and body constructed from carbon fiber, the Lotec's design is inspired by the innovative engineering of Group C racing. Powered by a 1,000 horsepower Mercedes-Benz 5.6L Twin-Turbocharged V8 at the rear, the Lotec C1000 reaches a top speed of 268mph through a Hewland 5-speed manual transmission. Curated will continue to research and document the history of the Lotec C1000 before finding it a happy new home. View all of Curated's inventory for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

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