Less than one day remains until Lamborghini reveals its new flagship supercar, which will fulfill the important duty of succeeding the incredible Aventador and transitioning Lamborghini from using “pure” naturally-aspirated V12 engines in its flagship offerings into adding hybrid power to the mix. We already know that the result is amazing, as we’ve learned that the new car will boast 1,001 horsepower, and feature a fully-electric driving mode with a carbon fiber “monofuselage” construction that is lighter and stronger than the already-amazing Aventador predecessor. However, even though we know that much, that information only serves to build the anticipation for Lamborghini’s new model further, and to help the hype reach a fever pitch, Lamborghini revealed a final teaser before the model is finally revealed.

In the video, a violent storm brews among a desolate and remote winter landscape, and at its epicenter is an ominous-looking building, where a code is punched in and a door is opened. What lies inside is a laboratory that looks like something straight out of a science fiction film, and before the video ends, we see the image of a bull quickly flash. It doesn’t get more exciting than this, and tomorrow, all will be revealed about the new Lamborghini flagship model, and with its revival, the storied brand is sure to charge right back into supercar stardom where it has always belonged.

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