Every year, car enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Amelia Island to attend all the auctions, Cars and Coffee, Radwood, Werks Reunion, and other events that make up the weekend known as “The Amelia.” This year the team that brought us ‘The Bridge’, which is an invite-only event in the Hamptons, decided to launch their inaugural gathering: The Hangar, which was their first ticketed event.

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In the automotive world, hangar events have always been characterized by a certain monotony. They are laid out in the same way––exotic cars placed next to jets, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury. The CarCoterie team took the same approach they did with The Bridge, artfully adorning the airport hangar with nearly 100 cars in a photogenic display. However, these are not the usual cars you would find at such an event; The Hangar featured some of the rarest cars in the world. As you enter into the expansive space, you encounter vehicles like the Lamborghini Concept S, which until this point had only been seen in the Lamborghini Museum in Italy, the Bugatti EB110 SS Prototype, Porsche 959SC by Canepa and Singer DLS, which all can be considered art on wheels. Things didn't stop there, there were tons of other insanely rare cars, vintage airplanes, and extravagant jets scattered throughout the airport creating an immersive experience that caused your eyes to dart right and left as you ogled at the endless eye candy.

It goes without saying: the cars and aircraft were breathtaking, but when Shamin Abas and Jeffrey Einhorn collaborate, you know the crowd is going to be equally as good. The tarmac was filled with big names in the automotive industry, from dealership owners to collectors and journalists. You could feel the enthusiasm bubbling from the spaces between the perfectly curated cars.


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For a first-year event, CarCoterie knocked it out of the park. If I was told they were veterans on the scene, I would have believed it. The Hangar is a perfect addition to The Amelia weekend. It offers enthusiasts a place to decompress from the madness while enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals.

Keep an eye out for CarCoterie as they continue to turn our automotive dreams into reality, you’re not going to want to miss out on their upcoming events.

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Event partners for the inaugural event included Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, NetJets, Czinger Vehicles, Aston Martin, Rimac, Manz Motor Company, DAOU, Pave Motors, Bremont, Nicholas Brawer, Cincoro Tequila, Vantage Auto, High Goal Gin, Teak + Table, Paddock, PCARMARKET and more.