Known for pushing the envelope of traditional watch design, Jacob & Co. has quickly evolved into a household name as the brand continues to create multi-million dollar luxury timepieces. The Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch first debuted in 2015 as an $18 million piece unique example made for a highly-respected client. The one-of-a-kind release is still considered to be one of the most expensive watches ever made and even went on to be made into two more versions for celebrity clients like Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Floyd Mayweather. Jacob & Co. is back to raise the price tag of its most expensive retail watch by unveiling the all-new $20,000,000 Billionaire Timeless Treasure.

Covering its entire surface with precious stones, the Billionaire Timeless Treasure features over 425 Asscher-cut yellow diamonds and 76 emerald/kite-cut tsavorite gems throughout its case and bracelet. Its transparent dial showcases Jacob & Co.'s in-house skeleton tourbillon movement covered in 57 baguette-cut yellow diamonds. The ultra-thin caliber JCAM39 offers a comfortable power reserve of 72 hours and extreme accuracy. Glistening in the light upon every angle, the first-ever colored Billionaire watch presents a total of 482 yellow diamonds that weigh in at an incredible 216.9 carats. The project took over three years to create and almost dried up the market for exceptionally high-quality yellow diamonds across the globe. Now that the most expensive Jacob & Co. Billionaire has just hit the market, we are curious to see what celebrity will spend the $20 million on the Timeless Treasure.