The new Pagani Utopia is the latest stunning hypercar from the celebrated manufacturer, known for combining the futuristic use of carbon fiber, performance technology, and advanced engineering with avant-garde looks, traditional craftsmanship, and classic performance car ethos into vehicles that are truly one-of-a-kind. With an available manual transmission and Pagani’s amazing signature V12 engine, the Utopia is not just a true Pagani but one of the best yet.

With just 99 examples of the car being made, it’s a rare and incredible sight, almost like the hypothetical Utopia it’s named after, and its appearance in the idyllic and historic location of Mantua, Italy made for the perfect backdrop for the monumental exotic car. With centuries of Italian history, Mantua features beautiful locations and scenes for the Utopia, and while the Utopia and Pagani have much less history, the inspirations behind both the car and the brand span across decades and centuries, which is what makes Pagani and the new Pagani Utopia such special parts of the automotive world.

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