Considering how Porsche’s first all-electric model, the Taycan has been received, it makes perfect sense for Porsche to continue on the path of introducing all-electric vehicles, and by now it’s well known that the next stop for Porsche’s electrification movement is in offering an all-electric version of the incredibly popular Macan SUV. Since its introduction, the Macan has traded places with the iconic Cayenne as Porsche’s most popular model, and an incredible new future comes for the model as an all-electric version is on the horizon.

Porsche will be making the new all-electric Macan at its high-tech factory in Leipzig, which has already taken great strides towards sustainability by being net carbon-neutral and being a home to a deliberately diverse population of wildlife on the land beyond the facility’s fences, and the E-Macan SUV will be its next step towards a greener Porsche. However, contrary to a belief that is changing as more all-electric cars are revealed, the new Porsche E-Macan won’t be by any means boring or sterile.

It’s dedicated to both performance and excellence as an SUV like combustion engine-powered Porsche SUVs have been for 20 years, as Porsche has announced that the upcoming E-Macan will boast an amazing 603 horsepower. In addition, off-road capability of the new electric SUV will be enhanced by an electronic locking differential. With on and off-road performance coming with a powerful and environmentally-friendly power source, the new Porsche E-Macan will be the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

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