The Porsche Cayenne, despite celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, is somewhat of an unsung hero in Porsche’s lineup. While of course performance models like the 911 and 718 can be more exciting, introducing the versatility, luxury, performance and masterful capability of the Cayenne was one of the most important things that Porsche ever did in its history, financially rescuing the manufacturer which was struggling at the time and creating what remains today one of its most popular offerings.

Now, Porsche’s transformation is leaning towards electric vehicles, and with the success of the Taycan, its next stop is to transform the Macan, which has been promised for 2024. After that, the 718 will follow, and now Porsche is announcing that after that, a new all-electric version of the Cayenne will be made. As the new fourth-generation Cayenne readies itself to be revealed soon, it has been announced that it will be manufactured at Volkswagen Group’s multi-brand plant in Bratislava, Slovakia, and that includes the anticipated electric version.

Since its introduction, painted Cayenne bodies were sent to Leipzig from Bratislava, but in 2017 with the third generation, production took place entirely at Bratislava. The new electric Cayenne will be the Bratislava plant’s first all-electric SUV once it’s put into production. In addition, Porsche has announced that an electric SUV above the Cayenne will be introduced and produced at Porsche’s Leipzig plant in the second half of this decade. Porsche looks forward to having lightning strike in the same place twice with these exciting announcements.

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