As car enthusiasts, one of the most appreciated and celebrated pursuits is automotive photography, as the ability to capture incredible cars through a lens in the perfect light and framing can create things that are truly unforgettable. Whether it’s at a show, on a track, or situated beautifully in a garage, a beautifully photographed car can become an important part of automotive legacy. That’s why competitions like the International Automotive Photography Awards are important, and to show that, Bentley is sponsoring the awards this year.

Returning to its sponsorship role for the awards, Bentley is a presenting sponsor of the International Automotive Photography Awards, and its Communications Director, Wayne Bruce, will be one of the judges. The competition will be open for entries until March 31, and entrants can submit photographs at approximately $2.47 per photograph. After that, the work will be reviewed in May with the awards being presented to winners in June.

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