The Porsche 911 has been an iconic performance car for an incredible 60 years, and in all that time, its star has yet to fade. Since 1963, the car has boasted incredible engineering, impeccable style, and persistent charm that has made most car enthusiasts around the world passionate Porsche 911 fans. Being the car responsible for building much of Porsche’s legacy as a manufacturer, the 911 has changed and adapted to be the amazing car it has been throughout the decades, and most recently, the two latest Porsche 911 variants are the current GT3 RS, and the 911 Dakar, two very different cars with a similar revered heritage.

In the 911 Dakar, Porsche sets the 911 up for off-roading success from the factory for the first time ever. Three and a half years of development resulted in a chassis that is able to lift to near-SUV levels of ground clearance, driving modes made for things like drifting in gravel, and all-round toughness, never seen before in the legendary sports car. On the other hand, the GT3 RS is a ruthless racing machine, with a Nürburgring Nordschleife time of 6:49:328 to its name, complete with a Formula 1-like drag reduction system for maximum performance on the Nordschleife’s long final straightaway. Both the Dakar and the GT3 RS are examples of the 911’s unmatched excellence and testaments to why Porsche has remained a respected and lasting name in the automotive industry.

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