Teasing its new Aventador replacement before unveiling it as a whole, Automobili Lamborghini has given the automotive world insight behind the LB744's high-performance hybrid drivetrain and lightweight carbon fiber monocoque. Continuing the next chapter of its innovative hybrid release, the Italian supercar manufacturer takes a deep dive into the driving experience and some of its new key features. Drivers can expect an all-new road and track adventure thanks to 13 total driving modes, which include an all-wheel-drive electric setting.

Venturing away from traditional comfort, eco, and sport modes, Lamborghini introduces Città Hybrid for daily use and max comfort. Selecting this offers the LB744 to operate purely on electricity in all-wheel-drive. Lamborghini's Strada Hybrid mode is designed to harness its power in a more relaxed manner, making it the perfect choice for long drives. Sport Recharge presents the emotional feel that we've all learned to love with Lamborghini supercars and hypercars. Feel the fun of curvy mountain roads with control and precision, all while using its performance for fast battery recharge. Corsa Performance is one mode adopted from all modern Lamborghinis and helps achieve the apex of its abilities, unleashing the LB744's 1,000+ horsepower output. As we continue to learn more about the Lamborghini LB744, we can't wait for it to make its official debut.

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