Built on the essence of ultra-luxury and performance, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars continues to evolve with the automotive industry's push for a new electric era. Announcing that the brand will be parting ways with its V12 Coupé configuration, Rolls-Royce is proud to mark the milestone with an exclusive Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Collection. The all-new bespoke masterpiece is limited to only 12 examples worldwide and is presented as the most powerful Rolls-Royce in history. Rolls-Royce chose the Wraith for its last V12 coupé because of its significance as one of the most important and influential models ever designed.

The elongated exterior of the Wraith features a gradient finish that blends Celebration Silver and Black Diamond. A glass-infused paint layer enhances the transition effect from light to dark, which is polished for 12 hours to achieve its stunning glass-like appearance. Bright yellow accents contrast against its gradient paint and even extend to the carbon fiber Spirit of Ecstacy. The inspiration behind its design derives from the crusted surfaces of the Bonneville Salt Flats, paying homage to Rolls-Royce Thunderbolt's achievements in the land speed category.

Inside the Black Arrow, Rolls-Royce commissions the bespoke build with a new leather material developed specifically for the collection. The new Club Leather offers a pronounced shine to the armrests, seat gussets, transmission tunnel, door detail, door panniers, and lower dashboard panel. The same vibrant yellow on its exterior finds its way into the Wraith's front seats, sports steering wheel, dash trim, and stitching. Each interior door panel made of 320 marquetry pieces to create a dramatic surface. The Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow's fascia displays a tactile composition of the V12 engine in the Wraith. Inspired by the analog instruments of the 1930s, the fascia clock bezel references the raw, technical aesthetic of record-breaking Thunderbolt Rolls-Royce.

Under the hood lies a monstrous 6.7L twin-turbocharged V12 platform, modeling the engine design of the earliest Rolls-Royce examples. An exclusive Bespoke plaque is mounted on the engine cover to signify this as the last V12 ever to be fitted to a Rolls-Royce coupé. Machined from a single piece of polished metal, the plaque is inscribed with the V12 monogram in bright yellow, and the words ‘Final Coupé Collection’ in black. All 12 motor cars in the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Collection have been allocated to clients around the world. View all current Roll-Royce Wraiths for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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