As the all-new Ferrari 296 GTB starts making its first appearance on public roads with its F1-inspired DNA, lucky owners are becoming acclimated with the state-of-the-art hybrid high-performance sports car. While the Italian supercar is still fresh into production for 2023, the luxury aftermarket professionals at Novitec are already proud to offer a selection of aesthetic and performance upgrades that make the two-seater even more dynamic and striking.

Starting with the exterior of Ferrari's aggressive short wheelbase design, Novitec offers its customers the ability to achieve a lower ride height using their sport suspension springs. The track-focused setup pairs perfectly with a hydraulic adjustment system to help retain a comfortable ride for the daily driver. Ferrari 296 GTB owners can also choose from a selection of lightweight forged wheel designs for a tasteful OEM plus look.

Although Novitec is continuously engineering more parts and software to enhance performance figures, the team optimizes airflow and sound with a series of exhaust systems. Available in various variants, sports catalysts and turbo inlets allow the newly designed twin-turbo V6 engine to breathe better with a louder exhaust note. This upgrade increases the overall output of the 296 GTB by 38 horsepower to 868 horsepower. Novitec's switchtonic valve system opens and closes the valves with the simple push of a button.

For customizing the cockpit, NOVITEC offers exclusive interior design options fashioned with its extenisve palette of premium materials and a vast range of colors. Novitec plans on heightening the experience of Ferrari's 296 GTB with more upcoming performance upgrades and software tuning. View all current Ferrari models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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