Amalgam Collection is known for recreating the world’s most admired cars and shrinking them into scale models created with exquisite attention to detail. When they’re captured at certain angles and in certain settings, it’s difficult to tell that they aren’t the real thing, and with the skills of celebrated Mitch Payne, that is more true than ever. Payne’s work has been featured in places like Formula E, GQ, and British Vogue, and with Amalgam’s incredible 1:8 scale models, he is in his element and creates incredible photos.

With incredibly-produced studio photography, the scale models are captured in their best light, and look virtually indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. In the case of the McLaren Ultimate Vision GT, they look even more real as the original car is a virtual creation within the Gran Turismo driving simulator video game. Other models Mitch captured are the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, and the Red Bull RB16B F1 car. Showcasing incredible photography skill, a boundless imagination, and the peerless quality of Amalgam Collection scale models, these photographs remind car enthusiasts of what makes these cars and their miniature counterparts so amazing.

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Gallery: Amalgam Collection x Mitch Payne Capture Scale Models In Incredible Quality