The Netherlands is known for quite a few things, but when it comes to transportation their love for boats and bicycles is second to none. For Meindert Wolfraad, he wanted to bring the Dutch's passion for both overseas by creating both LEKKER Bikes and LEKKER Boats. Both brands are passionate about designing and building products that will last longer than a lifetime through high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Today, we're looking at the LEKKER 44 boat, a vessel that provides a perfect platform for entertaining and relaxing cruises. Denison Yachting recently had the chance to have Wolfraad show off this exquisite boat in a new video that you can find up above. 

Front bow to stern, the LEKKER 44 offers an array of features that make it ideal for a social outing on the water. Whether you're planning on just relaxing on the bountiful cushioned seats, cooking up dinner on the built-in grill or even staying overnight in the cabin, the LEKKER 44 can provide. 

Not only is this boat's design elegant, but it's also functional. LEKKER Boats worked with a world champion offshore racer to create a chine that allows the hull to cut through waves for a smooth ride. The result is a boat that is built for social entertaining, but also one that can maintain performance in rough seas. 

LEKKER Boats is offering this boat in three separate versions: Sport, Adventure, and Ultimate. The Sport version comes with 16-person seating on the deck, an inside head, and an abundance of storage. Next is the Adventure model which has the same layout as the Sport but with the addition of a two-person cabin. Last but not least is the Ultimate model which also includes a spacious four-person cabin that features a table and shower. 

Be sure to click play up above to learn all about this incredible boat and see it in action.

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