When it comes to executive sedans, the BMW 5 Series is one of the most ubiquitous examples of such a car in the entire automotive industry. Known for its unmistakable style, sharp character, and luxury appointments, it’s a popular choice among many who want a competent, good-looking, and luxurious car, and its M5 performance version certainly has no shortage of fans. However, the time is nearing for the 5 Series to evolve yet again, and BMW has announced that when it does, a fully-electric version of the model, the BMW i5 will be arriving, and the lineup of available fully-electric 5 Series models will include a performance-oriented one courtesy of BMW M.

We are already privy to BMW M’s ability to create fully-electric performance cars in the form of the i4 M50, however, the announcement of a fully-electric performance 5 Series is exciting because of how iconic the sedan is across the car world. With the full reveal of the BMW i5 coming soon, BMW has also announced that a fully-electric version of the iconic 5 Series wagon will be offered, called the i5 Touring. The shock that has been sent through the entire BMW lineup has reached one of its most treasured models, and the result is sure to be something exciting.

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