One of the most important characteristics that make Lamborghini such a remarkable name in the automotive world is the fact that the historical brand combines time-honored tradition, pedigree, and legacy with the relentless pursuit of futuristic innovation, technology, and engineering. Now, the Fighting Bull brand is announcing a new partnership with Carbon Champagne, an ultra-exclusive champagne bottler that interestingly shares a similar philosophy.

Founded in 2011, Carbon Champagne was established by Alexandre Mea and is the result of five generations of the Devavry family Champagne house, first established in 1920. The art of creating the exquisite champagne is taken very seriously with the use of hand-processed Grand Cru and Premier Cru fruits stored in oak barrels, however, the twist comes in the fact that it’s bottled in futuristic and beautiful carbon fiber, the same material used to make Lamborghini cars light, strong, and fast.. With a toast, the partnership of two brands that honor the past and pursue the future begins, and the result will undoubtedly be something great.

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