Gran Turismo is one of the most loved entries in the racing video game space, and it’s celebrated for its depth and realism in the driving experience. However, it also goes beyond realism with its Vision Gran Turismo cars, which care concepts through which manufacturers can show off their futuristic visions and experiment in the simulation platform. Lamborghini did this with its Vision Gran Turismo car, an avant-garde and futuristic design that boasts incredible performance, and for car enthusiasts of all ages, the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo would be a dream come true if it were real.

For one child, however, the incredible hypercar is real, in a sense, as it an electrically-driven replica of the concept car with a body made of wood. Done by YouTube channel ND - Woodworking Art, the construction of the car was done by a father for his son. The amazingly-crafted car has a real-life equivalent to the meticulous attention to detail the Lamborghini was made with in the virtual world, and it’s an amazing gift and experience for a car enthusiast of any age, but especially coming from father to son.

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