Lexus recently introduced the world to its very first all-electric vehicle: the RZ. The all-electric crossover combine Lexus’s signature luxury and style with futuristic battery-electric vehicle technology, and the result is something that promises to thrust the Lexus brand into a new era. As the RZ comes closer to hitting the road, Lexus has announced the pricing structure and available features for the car.

Driving the vehicle is the dual-motor Lexus DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system, instilling versatility and driving confidence in the RZ, which pairs with a steer-by-wire system that will soon be available for the car, where steering is executed with electric signals rather than mechanical linkage, and the steering wheel is swapped for a racing-inspired yoke. NuLuxe or Ultrasuede seating surfaces combine luxury with futuristic environmentalism, while the spindle body continues the spindle grille Lexus is known for with an electric twist. The luxurious and futuristic Lexus RZ 450e starts at $59,650, for the Premium trim, with the Luxury trim starting at $65,150.

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