The first-generation Acura NSX is best known for how well it shook up the supercar space at the time of its release back in 1990. It proved that a mid-engined sports car could not only look exotic but be tremendously durable as well. However, not even the brilliant engineers at Honda could've guessed one of its best cars would spend over 15 years submerged in a river. Yet, that's precisely what happened to this rusty and muddy NSX that now sits almost wholly destroyed. Keyword almost. 

Motor1 reports that this NSX popped up on Facebook a few days ago in a post by LSX Salvage, the company offering it for sale. An anonymous buyer purchased the car for a mere $8,500 to restore it. The big question now is, can it even be restored? Well, the folks over at LSX Salvage told Motor1 that the car may be too far gone. Given the substantial corrosion, mud, and structural damage (see A-pillar), this NSX's days might be done. 

This Acura NSX Spent 15 Years Underwater, Now It's Getting Restored

However, that hasn't stopped its anonymous new owner. He confirmed to Motor1 that his main goal was to get the car back on the road. If that can't be done, he'll switch gears and attempt to turn it into a dedicated track car. 

You're not alone if you're wondering how an NSX ends up at the bottom of a river. According to The Drive, the vehicle's Carfax data shows it being reported as stolen back in 2003. It seems it ended up in the Yadkin River in Linwood, North Carolina, shortly after, where it spent around 15 years wholly submerged. First responders discovered the car back in 2019 while looking for a missing person. It was then recovered by the Churchland Fire Department. 

This Acura NSX Spent 15 Years Underwater, Now It's Getting Restored

While we don't know the new owner's identity, he is part of Helix Auto Works in Maryland. The new owner told The Drive he has plenty of experience restoring NSXs and brought a salvaged car back from the dead. Whether this car will ever make it back on the road remains questionable, but thankfully, someone will try.

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