Whether or not it can be considered an SUV, the Ferrari Purosangue marks the beginning of a radically different chapter for the Prancing Horse. However, it’s name, translating to “pure-blooded” is a suggestion of its very genuine Ferrari nature, with a V12 under the hood and plenty of tech and engineering being derived from its Prancing Horse stablemates. However, until now, we haven’t seen the unique vehicle in action. To correct that, Top Gear’s Tom Ford has taken the new Ferrari to the Italian mountains to see what Ferrari has made the Purosangue capable of.

The sound of a roaring Ferrari V12 is irreplaceable, and it’s amazing to hear as the vehicle expertly carves through snow-covered passes. Despite its steep price tag and exclusivity, the Ferrari Purosangue shines through as a magical creation like any vehicle wearing the Cavallino Rampante badge. Like any great Ferrari, it’s nothing short of hair-raising, but the Purosangue also adds a level of practicality and versatility that has never been seen before, while not taking anything away from the Ferrari experience.

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