The Ferrari SF90 Stradale represents the Prancing Horse’s bold charge into the future, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, all-wheel drive, and on-track performance at Fiorano that eclipsed even the legendary LaFerrari that laid the foundation for the SF90’s incredible hybrid performance. In its Assetto Fiorano configuration, the SF90 serves as an ode to Ferrari’s long and storied racing legacy, and this specific example of the supercar created using Ferrari’s Tailor Made program, shows off a specific chapter of that amazing story.

Finished in Ferrari’s classic Rosso Corsa, the paintwork is complemented by a white and blue stripe across the top, and paired with matte gold painted wheels that reference the legendary 1970 Ferrari 512M. The interior features futuristic performance-oriented carbon fiber finishes interrupted by seats upholstered in bright, vivid red. Altogether, this amazing SF90 Stradale is proof that Ferrari’s honored, respected, and legendary history is a great place to find inspiration to create beautiful cars today.

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