In Leonberg Germany, Staud Studios captures stunning pictures of the world’s favorite cars, but especially those coming from Porsche. Porsche says that at “the catwalk of the automotive industry” Rene Staud has photographed nearly every Porsche model ever made, and while the rise of digital renderings have caused automotive photography studios to fade as a whole, Staud Studios continues to thrive. Operation of the business has been given to Staud’s sons, Pascal and Patrick, but for Rene, this doesn’t mean retirement, but rather creative freedom.

He first photographed cars in 1972 over 50 years ago, and started photographing for Porsche in 1983 to capture the new legendary 959. He is a Porsche enthusiast himself, having owned 11 cars from the iconic brand. His own invention, the Magic Flash, has been used to create a beautiful indoor lighting setup that highlights the beauty of all kinds of cars, but especially his favorites like the historic air-cooled Porsche 911. When it comes to capturing frames of fast cars, there’s nobody quite like Rene Staud.

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