The Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica is one of the newest iterations of the Fighting Bull’s iconic V10-powered supercar. Combining the raucous, brach, track-focused performance of the brutal Huracan STO and the refined and stylish luxury and comfort of the Huracan Evo models, it’s one of the greatest cars to come from the Huracan lineage. However, NOVITEC is a specialist in taking amazing cars, and making them even better, which is why, despite the Huracan Tecnica being so new, NOVITEC has already announced new upgrades available for the stunning supercar.

The upgrades improve the looks, handling, performance, and the sound, and the first thing you’ll notice is the inclusion of even more exposed carbon fiber components on the body, not only making for a motorsport-inspired look, but also contributing to improved aerodynamics, handling, and high-speed stability. Also improving the looks are new Vossen-produced wheels, which are wrapped in wider rear tires for improved performance. The suspension is lowered and a new exhaust system further enhances the irreplaceably unique sound of the V10 engine. With the option to radically transform the car’s interior as well, the Huracan Tecnica gets even better with the NOVITEC treatment.

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