Agaso Outdoor Founders August Paro and Lisa Caddy

All passionate car enthusiasts and collectors can agree that nothing screams Americana like a classic Ford Bronco, with six generations leading the SUV market since its debut in 1966. Today, first series Ford Broncos are recognized as highly-collectible, as buyers pay a premium for a driving experience unlike anything on the road. Responsible for restoring and preserving the legacy of the Bronco, founders August Paro and Lisa Cady started Agaso Outdoor as a vision of how a modernized vintage Ford Bronco should look and feel today.

Agaso Outdoor Shell

With professional backgrounds in design, the artistic duo began their dream of building soulful bespoke Ford Broncos, taking inspiration from the client and assembling a timeless interior scheme that fits the narrative of the overall build. Each build starts with a brand new steel body tub, manufactured in-house that takes shape as a blank canvas for complete customization. Seeing the need, Agaso has also made their body tubs available for purchase. All extraneous holes are filled and modifications made before paint, the result is a thoughtful finished product. While Agaso Outdoor offers a selection of everyday amenities that satisfy the daily wants and needs of clients, the expectation is to maintain the magic of the original truck by concealing and customizing modern features. The DNA of Agaso is to prioritize the driving experience over build stats and retain the soul of the vintage 4x4–refraining from adding details that are more at home on a luxury car.

Agaso Outdoor Interior

A dedicated team of skilled technicians tailor the 2-door SUV to its intended use. No matter where the client goes it is a rugged utility vehicle. Inside and out, Agaso Outdoor Ford Broncos are fitted with upgraded parts like powder-coated axles, proprietary standalone wiring harness, heavy-duty front and rear suspension, and custom aluminum billet wheels to ensure grade-A ride quality better than factory. Interior materials are sourced individually for every project, giving customers the opportunity to choose from a curated selection of patterns to match or contrast the exterior. The cabin stays cool in warm climates thanks to a custom air conditioning system and a proprietary cabin insulation kit that transforms the fifty-year-old truck into a well-mannered cruiser you could drive daily. A touch screen in the console can be elegantly hidden to maintain an authentic driving experience.

Agaso Outdoor Powertrain

When it comes to performance, an all-aluminum 328 cubic inch Ford pattern 5.0 roller cam engine is the heartbeat of every Agaso Ford Bronco. The engine was specifically developed to have throttle response, drivability, and a flat torque curve. A 5-speed manual transmission or modern automatic overdrive are both available with large-capacity disc brakes for real-world driveability. For those looking to explore more efficient drivetrain options, Agaso is also in-development to modify Broncos with EV conversions. Discover Agaso Outdoor and inquire about configuring your very own Ford Bronco build by clicking the link below.

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