Known just as well for his immense car collection and passion for the automotive world as he is for his storied career in comedy, Jay Leno is a staple in the automotive community. In a new episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, he collaborates with another automotive staple, Tyler Hoover, better known by the name of his popular YouTube channel, Hoovie’s Garage. Hoover’s claim to fame is his unique car collection, full of underappreciated cars that were expensive in their time but are now bargain finds with unique features and characteristics.

One of the most extreme used cars in his collection is an example of the Maybach 62, the ultra-luxurious flagship limousine from the 2000’s luxury icon. In the clip, Jay Leno is chauffeuring Hoover while the two discuss the incredible attention to detail, luxury-focused design and construction, and innovation that would find itself in future luxury cars. In the episode, it’s compared to another Mercedes luxury flagship, the iconic 600, owned by Leno himself. After their drive, they experience the quality of the Maybach that is still incredible by today’s standards, and deem it a worthy successor to the historical Mercedes-Benz 600. With an incredible bargain find of a luxury car that remains impressive today, Tyler Hoover’s Maybach 62 is really something to marvel at.

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