Despite being considered out of style for much of the mainstream in the automotive industry, especially here in the States, the station wagon has earned a cult following and irresistible appeal among many car enthusiasts. With a blend of practicality and a driver’s car road feel, a great wagon can deliver one of the best driving experiences any car has to offer. At the pinnacle of the wagon world are two performance offerings from the world’s most celebrated German manufacturers: the Audi RS 6 Avant and the BMW M3 Touring, two cars that were long-anticipated by enthusiasts that blend practicality and everyday comfort with thrilling performance.

However, even the simple fact that two incredible European performance wagons exist begs the question: which one is faster? The answer is on the drag strip. While the straight-six engine in the BMW is less powerful than the Audi’s V8, the BMW, by virtue of being smaller is also significantly lighter, and both send their immense power to all four wheels. The first race, starting from a standstill, resulted in the Audi winning, but it was quite close. A second race with warmer tires saw the BMW winning by a similarly close margin. After a third race, the Audi won again, but it was again incredibly close. The BMW won a fourth and fifth race, despite them still being very close. 

At the end of the races, the BMW did the quarter mile in 11.4 seconds, while the Audi took 11.5, despite typically unfavorable British weather conditions. Despite being written off by so many as retro family haulers, these two incredible cars prove that wagons can be wonderful for the performance-seeking enthusiast.

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