With nearly 1,900 horsepower on tap from four electric motors, the Pininfarina Battista, like many other hypercars, is defined not just by how it looks or feels to drive but by what it can do. It set a world record late last year, rocketing to 60 mph in 1.79 seconds, making it the quickest production car ever. It even managed to best its mechanical sibling, the Rimac Nevera, which took a frankly pedestrian 1.85 seconds to complete the same run. However, the Italians are far from finished, and they've just added two new world records to their growing collection.

In collaboration with Autocar India, Pininfarina took its stunning creation to the NATRAX testing facility in Indore, India. There, it completed multiple acceleration and top-speed runs. Utilizing VBOX data systems, the Battista took 8.55 seconds to complete the quarter-mile and 13.38 seconds for its half-mile run, both production car records. The hypercar achieved these times equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires, which are offered as optional extras.

The Battista switched to its standard tire for its top-speed runs, a Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. It reached 222 mph (358 kph), surpassing its 220 mph claimed top speed. According to Pininfarina, the Battista is now the fastest car ever driven on Indian soil.

Newly appointed Automobili Pininfarina CEO Paolo Dellachà had this to say, "We conceived Battista as a hyper GT – a special blend of beautiful design and attention to detail synonymous with the Pininfarina brand, allied to extreme electrified performance and a level of vehicle dynamics which sets a new benchmark among hypercars. In these tests, Battista has shown that record-breaking performance is there to be enjoyed by every driver on road or track."

Extreme performance is an understatement. Electric hypercars like the Battista and the Rimac Nevera, with whom it shares its architecture, battery, and electric motors, have reached performance levels that seemed impossible just a decade ago. The Battista alone is nearly as powerful as two original Bugatti Veyrons. Pininfarina plans to build 150 units of its latest hypercar, each with a $2.25 million base price.

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