For decades, the W12 engine has become a staple of Bentley’s most luxurious and powerful models, and its incredible engineering, immense power, and inherent opulence. However, as times and technologies change, the W12 engine has to sadly bow out, and Bentley has announced that April 2024 will be the end of production for the brand’s incredible engine.

As part of its Beyond100 strategy, Bentley is making the move as a step towards electrification. First introduced in the Continental GT, the engine has represented the pinnacle of Bentley power, and in the Bacalar, Bentley’s recent modern coachbuilt masterpiece, it showcased its ability to serve as the beating heart of one of the world’s most incredible grand touring cars.

As this year will be the final year for the amazing engine, its sendoff will be one with plenty of fanfare. Revealed last year, the Batur is a new coachbuilt grand tourer, and it will feature the most powerful iteration of the Bentley W12 engine, while being limited to just 18 examples. The engine boasts nearly 740 horsepower and 737 lb/ft of torque, allowing for a spirited and confidence-inspiring driving character that will surely make the new Bentley Batur one of the most enjoyable cars ever made.

Gallery: Bentley Announces The End Of W12 Engine Production

However, Bentley doesn’t plan on letting that driving character escape with the W12. Bentley’s V8s and V6 hybrid powertrains will take up its mantle in the lineup, as well as its space in Bentley’s factory. In addition, Bentley has announced that all 30 of its employees specializing in the W12 engine are going to be retrained and transferred to work in other parts of Bentley’s production. In the automotive world, change is of course bittersweet, but Bentley plans on putting emphasis on the sweet part going into the future.

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