Shaping itself as the lightest road car ever created by McLaren, the powerful Elva roadster provides the purest driving experience for anyone willing to push its boundaries of performance. Sent directly from the factory with the perfect blend of power, aero, and agility, only one can wonder how the McLaren Elva could be further enhanced with aftermarket upgrades. The passionate team at Novitec took on the challenge by developing and engineering a collection of advancements, demonstrating its top position in high-end automotive refinement. Novitec is proud to release its all-new lineup of parts and accessories for the exclusive McLaren Elva.

Starting with the Elva's open-top design, Novitec aims to improve its look with a more aggressive ride height courtesy of a sport spring setup. MC3 forged center locks and a set of aluminum spacers complete the handling package for extreme nimbleness on any road or track. While McLaren prides itself on creating the perfect exhaust note, Novitec looks to harness more depth and power from catalyst-replacement pipes and sport metal catalysts that fit into the factory system. Lastly, Novitec taps into McLaren's 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 with a series of tunes that increases output to 919 horsepower. All of Novitec's upgrades for the McLaren Elva result in astonishing acceleration numbers and a new top speed of 205+mph. View all current McLaren Elva examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

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