Bugatti makes some of the most desirable cars the world has ever seen. Whether it's for their elite craftsmanship, incredible high-speed capability, extravagant design, or otherworldly engineering, there’s no aspect about a Bugatti that isn’t impressive. One of the ways in which Bugatti maintains its incredible reputation is through the brand’s meticulous build quality and months-long bespoke manufacturing process. Grégoire Haller-Meyer is a metrologist (not to be confused with meteorologist) at Bugatti, and in his role, he is responsible for ensuring that Bugattis are made perfect.

Metrology is the science of measuring, and proficiency in it means having the ability to make the most accurate and precise measurements possible, using the correct tools, and measuring the most relevant dimensions. Haller-Meyer explains that the end goal of his job as a metrologist is to ensure that “the overall appearance of a Bugatti must possess a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort and quality.” The tools for the job include classic manual tools, as well as state-of-the-art 3D scanners capable of measuring down to 0.005 millimeters, putting a literal meaning to “splitting hairs.”

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With Bugattis being owned by discerning clients and being driven at demanding speeds, the slightest deviation from the specified measurements is something Grégoire takes very seriously, finding the root cause by analyzing the entire car. Once the cause is found and solved, he makes sure the error never happens again. This incredibly high standard of quality applies to all of Bugatti’s cars, whether it be the production Chiron, the limited Centodieci, or even the one-off La Voiture Noire.

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