Automobili Lamborghini and Tod’s announce the partnership of luxury leather goods, shoes, apparel and accessories.

As a pinnacle brand for Italian design and performance, Automobili Lamborghini creates a luxurious lifestyle centered around its passion for engineering and producing some of the most powerful supercars on the planet. With heritage being the inspiration behind its push toward the future, Lamborghini continues to collaborate with other influential Italian brands that embody similar craftsmanship and values. Automobili Lamborghini is proud to announce its newest partnership with luxury footwear professionals at Tod's.

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Tod's began its venture into the fashion sector more than 50 years ago with a passionate and visionary artisan at the lead. Made for the ultimate driver with extraordinary taste, Tod's selection of shoes, belts, bags, and accessories coincide with the same premium materials featured in Lamborghini's incredible interiors. Showcasing a sneak peek at some of the new footwear styles between the two leading companies, we are excited to see some of the automotive-inspired styles soon to come. Shop all of the current offerings from Tod's by clicking on the link below.

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Source: Lamborghini