The bustling international hub serves as a backdrop for Bugatti’s latest masterpiece.

Singapore is a place like few others in the world, a concentrated bastion of culture, technology, and economic activity that also boasts ancient history and proud heritage. In its incredible world tour, Singapore is the new Bugatti W16 Mistral’s latest stop, and in many ways, the swan song hypercar for the incredible W16 engine resembles Singapore in itself, from its dazzling looks to the same amazing combination of past and future. The engineering, technology, and power in the Mistral remain ahead of their time, despite the fact that Bugatti’s world-changing W16 engine was introduced nearly two decades ago, but like all Bugattis, the Mistral’s design was informed by over a century of history in which Bugatti made some of the world’s greatest cars in their time. The Mistral incorporates elements of cars like the 1934 Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid in a design that is simultaneously futuristic and avant-garde.

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The car was present in the island city-state for a private customer event at Bugatti’s Singapore showroom, located in a sprawling city that serves as a hub for much of Bugatti’s clientele. The Singapore showroom has been an epicenter of immense interest for Bugatti cars in Southeast Asia, and having the Mistral at the showroom wowed guests and showed off the sold-out masterpiece. Deliveries of the Mistral begin in 2024, and when they do, the entire automotive world will be different.

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Source: Bugatti